What is Bulk Mailing Discount?

National Bulk Postal Discounts for Large Mailers - For volumes in excess of 1,000 any day.

For regular posting of large quantities of mail you can avail of a range of discounts for domestic bulk mail.

CityPOST will provide your business with either mail bags or trays, and we will arrange the collection of your bulk mail and we will scan every mail bag or tray as we collect, and you will receive an immediate email of the number of receptacles and their associated barcodes, giving you complete peace of mind.

Volumes of actual mail pieces will be determined by the high-speed sorting lines, which will provide a machine audited report detailing volumes and weights for your shipment, which are auto-emailed to you.

EIRCODING SAAS SERVICE available at lowest costs and any Eircoding Service Cost will be refunded at a 1 cent per letter rebate.


  1. Pickup from Your Premises or your mailhouse is Included
  2. Minimum of 1000 Letters per Pickup
  3. if your mailing fails to reach the Machinable % it drops to the next discount tarrif
  4. Volumes of mail will be determined by the Sorting line and the machine volumes will be accepted as final as will the weights of the items
  5. NON USO deliveries are subject to vat

** Eircode Discount is Based on 90% Eircodes present on Urban records
     (Non Unique Rural Addresses are not possible to comply with % Required )

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These figures are only to demonstrate an estimation of potential savings. Please contact us with more details to get a quote.