Data services

Your infomation secured and optimized

Everything any marketer could need for direct marketing list management, mapping, data processing, and database marketing services. Accurate data means better delivery rates, bigger postal discounts, improved response, and better overall return on marketing investment.


We guarantee a barcode scan on every delivery and non-delivery or your money back (on that item) this delivery status is available in the client area in the cloud. For non-delivered items City POST will provide a reason/justification for every non-delivered item. This data is available within the cloud a week following the final posting date, so that our customers are able to ‘clean up’ customer files, so that on the next posting the data will be corrected. This service will improve the mailing performance and overall return on investment

This data service we offer is free of charge. For more information or to get a competitive quote please call us on: 1890 240 240, or email us to: