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Imagine saving up to 20% on your Regular or High Volume Mailings and at the same time having it Barcode Scanned as it goes into the Mailbox.

NOW you can with CityPOST Certified Delivery for national delivery of large client mailings.

CityPOST has been delivering the phone directories and Golden Pages since 2002, throughout every Region of Ireland and even the most remote locations around the country.

It is the only alternative operator to An Post in the country with High Volume Postal Delivery Capacity across most of the country with hundreds of Postal delivery personnel.


CityPOST will not only save you up to 20% on your large mailings but it will provide you with a 21st Century Postal Solution with your important mailings delivered by fully uniformed Postal Personnel with a trace on every letter.

There are other great benefits to the CityPOST Certified Delivery such as fast return mail processing and a “Client Area” in the cloud where you can track your deliveries every day, should you wish.

National and international post

To Start Saving Today and to see if your mailing qualifies for this service, call us now on 1890 240 240 or email us on