CityPost to deliver Eircode discounts

Businesses using address coding system Eircode will get discounts with CityPost

I’m going to stand and deliver

Businesses will be offered postal discounts to encourage them to make greater use of Eircode, the struggling address coding system introduced in 2015 at a projected cost to the state of €38m.

We would be a fan of Eircode

CityPost, a private distribution company that entered the postal market in January, is planning the discounts as part of a package of incentives aimed at winning business from heavy users of the postal system. “We would be a fan of Eircode,” said Ian Glass, chief executive of CityPost.

“We’re going to bring out a postal tariff that has an extra discount if business customers put the Eircode on at least 90% of their mail. Eircode is here and it should be used. We are going to encourage bulk mailers to get their databases Eircoded because there will be an extra discount. There are services that can Eircode your databases for you. It doesn’t have to be a hugely cumbersome exercise.”

An Post has no plans to offer Eircode discounts, claiming it can sort post efficiently without relying on the seven-character national address code. Many operators in the freight and distribution industry have criticised Eircode as unsuitable.

Monday, March 27, 2017.