CityPOST aiming to revolutionise post for businesses

Irish Examiner Article

I’m going to stand and deliver

Independent postal service company CityPOST has launched two innovative enviromental solutions to reduce packaging waste for marketers and publishers and post at a lower postal rate.

These are GreenDM (eco-responsible direct mail) and GreenPeriodical (biogradeable polywrap), both of which are also 10% cheaper than their competitors. CityPOST is also launching an extensive tree planting programme, the company will plant a new tree for every 925 direct mail letters distributed through GreenDM and 10 trees for every 2,000 subscription deliveries carried out through GreenPeriodical.

CityPOST CEO, Ian Glass said: "Irish Businesses want to make a difference in environmental terms. In fact many companies are insisting that the companies they work with, throughout their supply chain, prove their green credentials."

CityPOST has invested over €1m in a state-of-the-art sorting facility in Greenogue Business Park, estabilishing Ireland's largest, independently owned, digital sorting infrastructure. In business 30 years, it also has operations in Portugal and Northern Ireland.

This interview appeared in the Irish Examiner on 12th of May 2017.