Unveils New Product Sampling Service

CityPOST has unveiled its new Product Sampling Service, designed for brands and new products. Checkout learned more.

I’m going to stand and deliver

CityPOST recently launched a new, innovative product-sampling and targeting product, designed to give new products and brands an edge in quickly acquiring new customers. Using the latest Eircode data, crossed with the Irish National Classification of Addresses (INCA), CityPOST targets the right groups in the right regions. Need to reach out to families with young children in Dublin, Mayo or Carlow? How about students in Galway or Cork? CityPOST can even help brands to target the more affluent empty-nesters across the whole of Ireland.


With CityPOST, businesses can personalise every Direct Mail Piece to the profile of the property to which it is addressed, and they can even have it handed to the potential customer on a Saturday morning, if required. Additionally, this type of targeting allows consumer brands to benefit from allowing their potential consumer targets try their product in the comfort of their own homes, kitchens or bedrooms. UK data has shown that product sampling in the comfort of a consumer’s own living space delivers better results than sampling in the shopping aisle.

CityPOST’s new innovative sampling service has a number of excellent and innovative solutions for important brands to deliver their product in a ‘Consumer OPT IN’ manner. These include:

Opt-In Sampling

A highly personalised product bag is delivered through the letterbox of the target market. If the householder leaves the bag out the following morning, a a brand or product can be ‘fulfilled into the bag’ and left for the potential consumer to try. That way, every sample given is to an ‘Opt In’ receiver.

Knock And Present

A highly personalised service used either on Saturdays or afternoons, so as to maximise the likelihood of consumers being at home to receive your sample. Evidence suggests this is extremely well received, and results reflect the high level of acceptance and the effort that the brand has made to make the sample presentation personal.


An extremely effective (and cost-effective) service that means that your brand will stand out from the crowd. The Door Drop Hanger can be a direct mailhanger or a free sample in a bag. Either way, it requires activation by the consumer, and it is one of the most effective direct strategies in mainland Europe. Any of the above can be discussed in greater detail and an effective programme can be built around a client’s brand or offering by contacting checkout@citypost.ie.

Monday, March 27, 2017.