Sending Post

Up to 20% off on your company’s yearly Postal expenses


CityPOST has been quietly delivering to in excess of 1 million Letterboxes in Ireland for over 30 years. We have hundreds of Delivery Persons in Ireland delivering to the mailbox and has delivered the Irish phone directories and yellow pages to all Homes & businesses for the last 14 years in all of urban and non-urban locations in Ireland, in fact we have the largest delivery network outside of An Post in Ireland.

NOW, we deliver your Business Post and not only that, we can “Barcode Scan it as we deliver it through the mailbox” to give your business comfort & security as you avail of savings of up to 20% with delivery completed in Net 3 / 4 days on average.

Business mail

We are working as quickly as possible to open up as many of these routes to Postal Correspondence in order to maximize your Postal volumes and savings during 2017 and beyond.

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CityPOST can process ALL your International Post – No Sorting, No hassle, No Franking.

We don’t offer you savings where your business has to do lots of extra work & sorting to avail of savings.

correio internacional

All International volumes are injected into the vational Postal operators by our International Postal Agreements with national operators such as Swiss Post, Royal Mail, La Poste, Belgium Poste etc. Transit or delivery Times are in line with Current International Postal delivery timescales.


Your Company just makes the saving - up to 20% Lower than your current Cost.

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DM Post

A Special but low cost service for addressed Direct Mail campaigns and clients who produce high volume editorial mailings.

For the first time in Ireland CityPOST now includes Postal Preparation & Envelope Supply as part of this service as long as your DM campaigns are covered by an annual agreement.

Call Center

Target Delivery Time is 20% of your mailing per working day so you get to manage your Call Centre & Response teams in a low cost scheduled and planned manner which allows you to avoid those Costly Spikes in Call Centre Staff costs.

CityPOST has a range of Innovative Postal Solutions, designed to Save your Business up to 20% Cost of any National & International Postal Volumes that CityPOST can deliver for your company.

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