Security Transactional Printing

From CityPOST personnel clearance, to physical lockdown, to data encryption, our stringent security protocols are government-compliant and audited regularly. Upon receipt of our client’s data to mailing of their high-security documents, our entire production process takes place under one roof. This means more control, greater safeguards, and tighter surveillance.

Once Data files arrive they are checked and validated, an e-mail is then sent to the client stating volume and content to ensure client expectation on final production and processing figures.

Print Data Files are queued on a secure server for printing, these files are accompanied by a physical Work Instruction Docket for each job, this docket includes all the information relevant to a particular job, it also contains the client sign off and an audit sheet for completion once the file has been run.

Barcodes are used at the Print stage which allows the inserting machine to intelligently identify the last page in a document, this ensures that multiple page documents are accurately inserted into the envelope.

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