About us


CityPOST is the largest independent postal services company in Ireland, and the low cost provider for Post & Parcel Delivery Solutions.


Mission statement

“To provide alternative, innovative and high quality postal solutions, excellent customer service, at the best price to both businesses and consumers.”

CityPOST has real Postal collectors, real Postal delivery personnel, actually delivering to over 1 million letterboxes per week. The company has been serving it's business customers for the last 30 years, and that includes delivering your phonebooks since 2002, as well as numerous pieces of important government correspondence, such as the National Distribution of the Rules of the Road and the Lisbon Treaty.

From the Group’s first humble beginnings in 1987 in a small back office delivering newspapers, to a new state of the art postal mail center in Greenogue, Co. Dublin and 15 regional centers around the country designed to support national businesses spread across the island.

Now it has the largest mail handling & Delivery capability in Portugal, Ireland, & Northern Ireland outside of the state’s Postal Provider.

The Group is uniquely positioned to provide a low cost alternative Postal Solution to the Business Community and the Public in all three Markets.

We are rolling out a range of Innovative Postal services in Ireland and we will provide all the core mail handling operations and we offer a range of low cost options for non-time sensitive deliveries. We can manage the mail handling requirements of any business, and are equipped to handle every major postal category, including letters, parcels and publications delivery, as well as international mail handling.


CityPOST Ltd is proud to be a member of the European Letterbox Marketing Association (ELMA). ELMA is the leading European organisation for door drop solutions which include the distribution of any print media, such as leaflets, flyers, catalogues, brochures, free newspapers and product samples. ELMA selects its members carefully to represent the best in class in each market ensuring quality and professionalism for clients looking to use this channel.

ELMA members also lead on innovation in letterbox marketing, developing expertise in geo-marketing and the harnessing of customer data to drive increasingly sophisticated targeting solutions that deliver better outcomes for their clients.