Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

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Complaints are taken very seriously. However, due to the very nature of all Postal Services’, many complaints cannot be resolved through factual information alone. Therefore, our service relies heavily on” getting it right first time” so that complaints do not arise in the first instance. We also realise that our level of response to a complaint will often determine the future of our business with you.

Have you experienced a problem with our Postal Services?

Please contact us by Email, Phone or Post and we will endeavour to solve all problems that may arisen have when using any of our Postal services and products. All key members of the management staff are familiar with the procedures. However, where possible, please use the contact below in the first instance
CityPOST House
523 Grants Place
Greenogue Business Park
Co Dublin
D24 RY89
Tel: 1890 240 240

We do not require any specific complaint forms to be submitted. However, any correspondence received by email or written form will be kept for future reference and a filed opened for each complaint. All records relating to a complaint will be retained until any appeals process is exhausted.

When to use this Procedure

This procedure will apply to any complaint where our own postal delivery have been used for your letters, e.g. Hand Delivery or International Mail. It specifically excludes all parcel services which are covered under their own terms and conditions. If you are unsure what particular service has been used, we can supply you with these details.
This procedure will also apply to Mail injected directly into An Post by us on behalf of a customer where a customer has opted to use CityPOST ceadunas licence number. In this case, we will submit your complaint to the An Post complaints and dispute resolution process and follow it though on your behalf.
This procedure does not apply to Mail injected directly into An Post by us on behalf of a customer where the customer’s own ceadunas licence number has been used and the customer has made payment directly to An Post. In such a case, the An Post complaints and disputes resolution process is available to you and we will assist you with this process in any way we can.
This procedure does not apply to Mail injected directly into An Post by us on behalf of a customer where the mail is unfranked or without a ceadunas licence number irrespective of whether payment to An Post was made by us or the customer. The An Post complaints and dispute resolution will be available for your use and we will assist you with this process in any way we can.
Things to consider if you are planning to make a complaint
The nature of any standard Postal Service means that there is no clear trail to follow from sender to recipient. Unlike a Registered or Courier service, there is no signature obtained for proof of delivery. This fact is reflected in the huge price differential between a standard Postal service and a Registered Post or Courier Service.
Our Complaints procedure is unlikely to be able to prove conclusively whether a Postal item has been delivered or whether it was delivered late. However, our investigation process allows us to attempt to identify any possible problem, event or trend during the Mail delivery process that may have caused an item to be lost or delivered outside the accepted time parameters. Our aim is always to be able to offer an explanation based around our findings which may on may not lead to compensation.
Given the nature of Postal services described above, we are not liable for any consequential loss if any item sent via one of our Postal services or the services of any other postal authority or agent. Nor are we able to insure ourselves for such losses incurred. Therefore we do not offer any standard compensation for a lost item unless it is clear that a problem, event or trend within our control resulted in a lost or late delivered item. Compensation levels are detailed within this document.
As a minimum, you should be able to supply us with the following information. It is possible that this information is already available to us in which case it would simply need to be verified

    1. Address used on the original item that has been lost or delayed
    2. Date item was handled by CityPOST Ltd
    3. Contents of the item
    4. Any third party information or statement that might be relevant

Time Scales for Dealing with a Complaint

For domestic mail, complaints must be received within 3 months of posting or 1 month from date of receipt of the item. For international mail complaints must be received within 6 months of posting or 1 month from date of receipt of the item. However, we will still attempt to resolve any problem if the complaint is received outside these time frames. Please note that the later we receive the complaint, the less chance we will have of solving the problem.
We undertake to acknowledge receipt of your complaint with 5 working days. However, in practice this is usually done with 1 to 2 days.
We undertake to resolve the problem within 10 working days but we must be allowed to the following time frame if required. Regular contact will maintained throughout these periods.

    1. Within Ireland 30 working days
    2. Europe 35 working days
    3. Rest of World 40 working days


Unless specified in advance, we assume that all Postal items are of no commercial value or contain anything for sale or re-sale. For this reason, there is no provision for compensation unless it is clear that we are at fault.
In the event that agreement for compensation is reached, this will be restricted to the cost of reproducing the contents, new packaging, additional handling and the cost of postage for the reproduced item, plus any other relevant costs incurred during the complaints process.

    Consequential loss is not covered by compensation.
    Compensation can be made by way of credit note or cheque.
    Compensation is part of the complaints procedure and additional information may be requested during this process to substantiate any complaint or claim for compensation. This will depend on the nature of each case.

If any of the above time frames are not met regarding response or handling times, we will make a payment to you of €100.00 as a self imposed “penalty” for failure to provide our usual level of customer service and satisfaction.

And finally….
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can request that your complaint be reviewed again by a director of CityPOST Ltd. A response should be given in approx 7 to 10 working days.