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Saiba quais são as perguntas mais realizadas sobre os serviços postais

How can I save up to 20% on my annual Postal expenses?

By Contacting CityPOST and learning about our Dynamic Postal Solutions for businesses that can also include barcode tracking of postal deliveries and you being able to see the deliveries in the Cloud. So bring your Postal deliveries into the 21st Century and contact CityPOST today!

I understand that CityPOST is a Postal Provider in Ireland in which you can Trace your Postal Deliveries for Large Businesses?

Yes, With National certified mail, you will have access to a cloud area in which you can view and verify the Barcode Scan of your letters being delivered.

How can I start a Postal print and production campaign with you?

All you need to do is to contact us and we will guide you through the process. We will provide you with a quote and start working towards achieving your postal business goals.
You can chat to us, call us or email us: Link to the Contact Us webpage.

Can you develop a postal marketing campaign for me?

We have Dynamic Postal Marketing Solutions that are designed to double your Marketing Reponses and grow new customers for your business. We can advise you on the latest targeting and marketing solutions to decrease your cost and increase your return on investment.

What is the ‘Customer guarantee’?

We ‘Guarantee’ a barcode scan on every item on every delivery or a non delivery reason and in the Cloud Area or your money back (on that mail piece).

What are the postal production options you offer?

We offer Business Postcard production, polywrapping, envelop enclosing, hand enclosing and assembly, data services, personalisation, post and parcel services and marketing support services.Learn More.

How does the process work?

Our Sophisticated Postal System is designed to select the most economical delivery points according to CityPOST’s route plan, which we have spent years developing. We would select the delivery points to maximize your postal savings and ensure the delivery service is of the highest quality. To find out how much you can save please contact us: Click here.

How long does it take to deliver an item?

The national delivery service is a 2.5 net day delivery where the first 20% is delivery next day and 20% per day thereafter and so on. International delivery timescales are typically between 3 to 7 days dependent on country and service selected.

How can I pay?

Every postal campaign we ran is subject to a standard contract that displays the price and the terms of Postal Delivery. These terms and conditions will include the amount to be paid and the payment method.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes our prices are subject to VAT but we still make sure that you get excellent savings whether you are Vat registered or Not.