CityPOST general terms and conditions

Who this agreement applies to

CityPOST Ltd, a company incorporated in Republic of Ireland number 166122

with its registered address at CityPOST House, located at CityPOST House, 523 Grants Place, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co Dublin, Ireland.

1 Introduction

1.1 These general terms and conditions (general terms) explain our duties to you and your duties to us and form part of your agreement  with us for each service we agree to provide you with in connection with your account with us.

1.2 Our agreement with you is made up of:

1.2.1 these general terms;

1.2.2 any specific terms and conditions for a service (specific terms);

1.2.3 any terms which set out how items should be presented  for that service, including those set out in our service user guides (operational terms);

1.2.4 the terms relating to how you can pay for the services (account terms);


1.2.5 our standard  charges for each service ( Tariff / Rate card).

1.2.6 Signed for / Parcel terms in appendix 6

1.3 You can find a list of the services to which this agreement applies at appendix 1. This agreement does not apply to those services for which you do not have an account with us – we provide those services under the terms of the scheme.  You can get more information on the scheme and the services it covers at or, from a member of your account team, or from our Sales Centre on 1890 240 240

1.4 We will tell you what specific terms and operational terms apply when you open an account and any later changes to the terms (including when you apply for a new service).  In this agreement, we refer to the specific terms, operational terms and account terms together as the additional terms.   The additional terms are set out in material we publish on our website.  You can ask us for printed versions at any time.

1.5 These general terms take priority over any previous agreements or arrangements between us for the services covered by this agreement, and the agreement makes up the full understanding between us.

1.6         If the additional terms contradict the terms set out in these general terms, the additional terms will apply.

2 Providing the services

2.1 We will provide you with each service from the date we agree with you.

2.2 We will provide the services on working days only.

2.3 We will receive your items when you give us (and when we or our agents sign, if this applies), the relevant documentation, or any other document that you need to provide for the service at handover. We will accept the items once we are satisfied that the items and the documentation that comes with it are accurate and meet this agreement.

2.4 If you are using Pouch Services, we will collect each pouch or bag from the handover point at the times we have already confirmed with you or your agent, using our standard operating procedures for collections.

2.5 We aim to deliver items are accepted in line with within the time given in the additional terms.  In line with clause 7, we will be responsible if the items are lost or damaged by matters inside the companies control and remit.  Our responsibility to you for loss or damage starts when we pick up your items; our responsibility and finishes when we either deliver the item or pass it to a national post office, postal or parcel partner or their agent.

2.6 We may decide not to collect or deliver any items if we consider it to be impractical or unreasonable to do so, including if:

2.6.1 the address is not safe;

2.6.2 the address on the item is not complete or has not been written or printed clearly enough to read;

2.6.3 our staff’s health and safety would be at risk in any way;

2.6.4 we need a signature for any item we deliver and nobody is available to sign;

2.77 Unlike the USO We do not have a duty to provide you with any services particularly if your Account is not correctly Topped up and in credit. CityPOST reserve the right not to supply any one or all of its services without reason.

2.8 We provide services to the client under a private delivery contract between Citypost and its client (the sender) to deliver the items to the addresses detailed on the items. We have no legal commitment or connection to the addressee.

3 Items we cannot deliver

3.1 If we cannot deliver an item but it contains a return name and addresses are clear on the cover or envelope, we will either contact the originator for return or destruction instructions or return the item to that address. If the item has no return name and address on the cover or envelope cannot be read clearly or is not within ROI, we may deal with the item in any way we feel is appropriate including secure destruction in line with International Postal practices. Reasonable attempts will be made to correctly inform the originator of the return, typically by Barcode or to return the item.

3.2 If we are not able to deliver an item and it does not have your name and address on the cover or envelope cannot be read clearly, we may either open that item, allowing for SLA’s in the business or alternatively secure destruct that in line with International Postal practices.

We will either contact the originator for return or destruction instructions or return the item to that address to you or your agent if:

3.2.1 Your name and address are inside;

3.2.2 The address is in ROI

3.2.3 The item is not made up only of advertising material, newspapers or magazines which will be securely destructed.

3.3 Our duty is to deliver items to the address and not the person whose name is written or printed on the item.

3.4 If it is a requirement of the service, we will make reasonable efforts to get a signature from the person receiving the item when we deliver it to the relevant address.  If we have to deliver a number of items to the same premises, we may get one signature for all the items.

3.5 for signed for items If no-one is available to receive and sign for an item, we or our agent may take the item back to the closest delivery depot and may leave a card at the address or alternatively the item may be returned undelivered. The card may typically give the person the item is addressed to the option to have the item delivered to that address later, or tell them where they can collect the item from.

3.6For signed for items If we cannot get a signature when we try to deliver the item and the person the item is addressed to does not arrange to collect it or have it delivered within a reasonable time , it is deemed that we or our agent has make a reasonable effort to return the item to you or your agent. If we are not able to identify you or your agent as having sent the item, we will deal with the item in any way we feel is appropriate in line with International Signed for or Parcel practices.

4 Postal volumes

You generally will provide all “Non Next day” postal volumes to CityPOST except for items which you deem require next day+ services which you will /or we can put into An Post for you.

4.1 How your items should be presented

4.1.1 You should make sure each item bears a complete and accurate address, including the correct Eircode to allow us to meet our delivery & Speed Service levels in Appendix 1.

4.2 Documentation

4.2.1 If you are aware of the exact count & weight of your items you should endeavour to complete a CityPOST online manifest. This can be easily and quickly filled out at , printed off and put inside your Pouch or MailBag together with the items.

4.2.2. Should you not wish to complete the manifest there is no requirement as your Collection or Pouch will be scanned on Pickup.

4.2.3 Your Manifest will be “Revenue Protected” by Automated Machinery to validate number of items and weights of items for both National & International Volumes. This Automated Machinery is highly sofisticated and calibrated and it is a specific term of colelction that you will accept the automated revenue protection report and billing generated for your collection and for this value to be deducted from your Postal Top-up account. Any variation of volumes of items or weight categories will be communicated to you the following morning via email and charged in accordance with the results. Should you not be prepared to accept the automated revenue protection system Collection services cannot be supplied to you. Within the Confines of Postal Security CityPOST an provide prrof of accuracy of its system to any apointed auditor to verify the system which is supplied and installed by one of the most respected Global Postal system providers.

4.2.4You may cease your postal Services at any time you wish except if you cancel your pickup later than Midday on the collection day and in these circumstances where we attend your premises for collection and you determine that you wish no mail to be picked up there is a modest collection charge of €1.99+vat levied to your account automatically.

4.2.5Whilst using the Collection there are minimum weekly Volumes required for the FREE Collection of Mail service called Pouch. A client can Simply Choose on the webpage whether your business requires postal Collection 3 days a Week (Mon, Weds, Fri ) or 5 days a week (Mon to Fri ) or just On request (any day as long as it is booked by Midday online).
There is obviously a cost to attend your premises and there fore there is a requirement on you the customer to supply Mail on every Collection Visit and also for modest Weekly Volumes to be provided to cover the cost of attending your premises
It is Stressed that If your Business is Inside our Collection area, and your business Wishes a Collection even if your Volumes do NOT meet the minimum requirement , CityPOST will always endevour to provide that “hassle Free Colelction Service for your business but there would be the added collection fee of €1.99+vat per attadance unless you had in excess of 40 letters per collection visit in which case the modest collection Fee is waived.
The Minimum Volumes for a FREE collection Service based on the number of visits are as follows :
A. 5 day pickup (Minimum 200 letters a week for Free Pickup ) – Otherwise €1.99+vat Per Pickup
B. 3 day a week Pickup (Minimum 100 letters a week for Free Pickup ) – Otherwise €1.99+vat Per Pickup C. 1 Day a Week (Minimum 40 letters Per Pickup required for Free Pickup )
C. 1 Day a Week (Minimum 40 letters Per Pickup required for Free Pickup )

4.2.6CityPOST generally will have Collection Zones in every large Urban town or city in the Republic of Ireland and the coverage will continue to alter and grow. CityPOST reserve the right at all times to determine whether a collection request is economic and can be provided and it is a term of this agreement that CityPOST may not be in a position to provide a particular collection due to proximity or other reasons.

4.2.7CityPOST will endeavour to have a Drop Off point in the Collection Zones or a Drop Box in the Industrial or business Parts of the Towns. The Mail & pouch is your OWN responsibility until such time as it is deposited Inside a secure CityPOST provided receptacle.

4.3 Contents of items

4.3.1 You must make sure that the contents of all items do not break the ASAI Codes of Advertising

You must also make sure that the contents are not offensive, indecent or threatening and that they meet all relevant laws and regulations.

4.3.2You must make sure that items do not contain:

any prohibited materials as per appendix 2 below;

any restricted materials, unless you meet all our requirements for us accepting the items as Insured Parcel as listed in appendix 2; or

any valuables, unless sent by the CityPOST Signed for Service under our Parcel Service where it allows for additional Insurance to be taken and you recite the “Contents of your packet”

4.4     General

4.4.1   You must make postings on working days only unless we agree otherwise.

If we agree to receive a posting on a day which is not a working day, we will treat this as a posting you have made on the next working day.

4.4.2   You must make sure you or your agent delivers each posting to the handover point, or makes the posting available for us to collect from the handover point, by the latest posting time we have agreed.

4.4.3 For items we collect from you or your agent, the latest   posting time is the time by which you or your agent must have loaded the items onto our vehicle and given us all the relevant and complete documentation.

4.4.4 For items you or your agent hands over to us, the latest posting time is the time by which you or your agent must have unloaded the items and given us the relevant and complete documentation.

5        If you fail to carry out your duties

5.1     If we find that you have not carried out any of your duties before and during the time you hand over items (including giving us the wrong details about the postage), we will contact you or your agent to decide what action we will take.  We will try to do what you prefer where possible.  The action we can take may include us:

5.1.1   holding the items until you give us complete and accurate documentation;

5.1.2   removing a part or all of any discount;

5.1.3   reworking the items or returning the items to you for you to rework (In each case we may charge you extra amounts to cover our costs); or

5.1.4   delivering the items using the most suitable alternative service, in which case the postage, fees, and conditions of that service will apply.

5.2     If we cannot agree the preferred action, or if you or your agent refuse to accept the return of the items, we will hold the items for up to 14 days. During this time you or your agent can ask us to return the items to you or your agent and we will charge you a reasonable extra charge for this.  If we have not heard from you or your agent within 14 days, we can destroy the items and we will charge you a reasonable extra charge for this.  You must pay any extra charges within seven days of receiving a valid invoice from


6        Charges

6.1     You agree to pay for the services you use in line with either the standard      tariff or the individually negotiated rate specific to you.

6.2     We will set up an account with you and standard procedure is to lodge a top up balance which remains as a credit balance due to you and you draw down based on your volumes for as long as the agreement lasts, in line with the account terms.

6.3     credit is available if you apply and agree to cover the cost of credit insurance. Credit applications are available from your Account Rep. Credit is provided on 21 day basis and is paid by direct debit. Credit limits are set by an independent credit insurance company and if your balance exceeds the limit an automatic drawdown by direct debit occurs.

6.4     We will send invoices to the address you give us for all transactions on a weekly basis.

6.5     If you think we have made an administrative mistake in the amount of

an invoice you must, within seven days of the date of the invoice, tell us, and give us all relevant information to support your claim.   If we agree with you, we will make an adjustment to your invoice as necessary.

6.6     Unless otherwise stated, the charges set out in the rate card do not include VAT.  You must pay any VAT due on applicable charges.

6.7     If you do not pay us (or we have a good reason for believing you will not pay us) in line with clause 6.3, we will be entitled to:

6.7.1   stop carrying out our duties under this agreement  without having a responsibility to you, as long as we have first given you reasonable notice that we plan to do so; and

6.7.2   charge you daily interest on all amounts you do not pay from the date they are due until we receive the payment in full.  The interest will be at a yearly rate equal to 4% above the base lending rate of The European central bank Euribor rate.

6.8     If we stop providing the service, we will tell you what you need to do before we can start providing the service again.

6.9     If you do not pay an invoice, we may ask a debt-collection agency to collect the payment on our behalf.  If we do this, you must pay us an extra amount.   This will not be more than the reasonable costs we have to pay to the agency, who will add the amount to your debt on our behalf.   This term applies even if this agreement has ended.

Loss or damage & limitation of liability

7.11 If any item you have injected under this agreement is lost whilst with us , and you provide satisfactory proof that you posted it and we received it, we will compensate you for the replacement of the postal Item itself but not any contents of any value as contents of this description should be using a Signed for and Insured Service where the specific contents are recited on the shipping order and insured separately

7.1.1Compensation is restricted to the Standard replacement cost of a Letter of 10c per item or €0.70c for a Boxed parcel Plus the Delivery cost on each item if you have already paid for the delivery to CityPOST, if you have not paid for the delivery cost then your compensation is restricted to the replacement cost of a Letter of 10c per item or €0.70c for a Boxed parcel.

7.2 CityPOST pass certain volumes to An Post for some national deliveries and International Postal Operators such as Royal Mail, Swiss Post Office and other post offices for international destined Items. CityPOST compensation responsibility for items presented correctly to that International Postal authority or agent for any loss or damage to those items transfers to that National postal Authority once CityPOST has duly completed its correct handover.

7.3 It is a Stateable fact that Postal vehicles and Postal Articles have been Thefted during the Collection and delivery of Mail. Whilst such an incident is quite rare and unacceptable they have occurred here in Ireland and in most postal jurisdictions globally. If such an incident an event occurred which affected some of your mail you will be immediately notified as will the incident be reported to the Garda. Additionally, Mail is Trucked all over the country in order to supply service and similar to Parcels in rare circumstances a consignment of mail albeit tracked with a barcode may go missing within the delivery system. CityPOST cannot accept responsibility for criminal behaviour outside of its control. Loss of mail due to Theft or a tracked consignment gone missing is compensated and compensation will be restricted to the replacement cost of standard mail which is 10c per letter plus the delivery cost if you have already been charged the delivery cost by CityPOST. If you have not been charged for the CityPOST delivery, then compensation is restricted to the replacement cost of standard mail at 10c per letter.

7.3b    CityPOST pass certain volumes to An Post & Other operators for some national deliveries and International & Other Postal & Parcel Operators such as Royal Mail, Swiss Post Office and other post offices for international destined Items. CityPOST cannot accept responsibility for items once presented correctly to An Post , Other Partner or International Postal authority or agent for any loss or damage to those items.


7.4 Under No Circumstances will CityPOST be liable for consequential Loss or loss of profits relating to : the Loss of any individual Letter or letters or Parcel or parcels, to the late Delivery of any letter or letters or parcel or parcels, to the criminal Theft of any letter or letters or parcel or parcels whilst in control of cityPOST. As previously recited Any compensation entitlement is restricted to the Standard replacement cost of a Letter of 10c per item or €0.70c for a parcel Plus the Delivery cost on each item if you have already paid for the delivery to CityPOST, if you have not then your compensation is restricted to the replacement cost of the item. It is a Strict Term of Using the Ipost Service, WOW cards Service, Pouch Letter Collection & Delivery Service, CityPOST parcel Service and any of our other Postal Services that you understand and fully accept that any contractual relationship between CityPOST and you as the client is absolutely subject to your agreement to this term and the terms of posting as recited above


7.5 Normal Transit times for post or parcel are completed within 2 to 10 working days and any loss of mail should be known by 3 weeks of the Sending of the mail. You should make a claim for loss or damage as soon as possible after the incident and in any case within 28 Calander days of the date of pickup / handover of that mail and the Claim Must be Sent in Writing by Posting to Citypost Claims Department, CityPOST House, College Road, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co Dublin, D24 RY89 and Must be Sent by email to We will not accept responsibility for claims made after this time.

We are committed to Close out your Complaint within 30 days however we expect to be able to close your complaints within 10 working days.

7.6     We will not be responsible for any items you send under this agreement  once we have delivered them to a foreign postal service which delivers post in that country.

7.7     We will not be responsible to you in any circumstances for:

7.7.1   loss of profit, loss of business, loss of goodwill or loss of business opportunity ; or

7.7.2   any type of special or indirect loss, or loss as a result of something else happening, as a consequence of the loss, damage or delay to your item.

7.8     We will not be responsible for refusing to collect, accept, process or deliver items which do not meet the terms of this agreement.

7.9     We accept responsibility for personal injury or death caused by something we have done or failed to do.

7.10    Each term of this agreement that excludes or limits our responsibility applies separately.  If any part is disallowed or is not in force, the other parts will still apply.

8    Matters beyond our reasonable control

8.1     Sometimes we may not be able to provide the services because of something beyond our reasonable control (such as war, acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, fire, floods, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown (including of machinery, equipment, and vehicles), any public or private road being blocked, or industrial action and the outcomes of it if this prevents us from providing our usual service).

8.2     If this happens, we will not be responsible to you.  However, we will try to tell you promptly about any event which affects how we provide the services.

8.3     We will try to continue to carry out our duties without having to run up any extra costs.

8.4     If we are not able to carry out our duties fully for more than four weeks in a row, you can end this agreement by giving us notice in writing.

9    Ending or suspending the services

9.1     We can end this agreement or stop providing any of the services by giving you at least one month’s notice.  You can end this agreement by giving us at least one month’s notice.

9.2     We can end this agreement or stop providing any of the services immediately if, in our reasonable opinion, you:

9.2.1   use any service in a way that breaks any law that applies;

9.2.2   use any service fraudulently or in connection with a criminal offence; or

9.2.3   do anything which damages or may damage our reputation or business or that of our parent, sister or subsidiary companies.

9.3     Either of us may end this agreement immediately by giving notice to the other if the other is breaking any of its responsibilities under this agreement and:

9.3.1   they cannot do anything to put the matter  right; or

9.3.2   they can do something to put the matter  right but fail to do so within 14 days of being asked.

9.4    Either of us may end this agreement immediately by giving notice to the other if:

9.4.1   the other becomes bankrupt or are not able to pay their debts;

9.4.2   the other passes a resolution for winding up their business, or a court makes an order to wind up the business (in either case, other than for the purposes of reorganisation);

9.4.3   a receiver, manager or an administrator is appointed over any or all of the assets of the other;

9.4.4   the other makes any arrangement  with or for the benefit of its creditors; or

9.4.5   the other or anyone they employ or for whom they are responsible break any applicable anti-bribery or anti-laundering laws and/or regulations in connection with this agreement  and/or any related services unless the circumstances in clause 9.5 apply.

9.5     Neither of us will be entitled to end this agreement in line with clause

9.5.1 if the break was by an employee who was not a    director or senior officer nor acting with the consent or connivance of a director or senior officer or was by an agent or subcontractor and the other arranges for that person to be removed from all involvement with this agreement and any related services within 30 days of becoming aware of the break.

9.6     If either of us do not use our rights against the other immediately, we can still do so later.  If either of us waives a break of this agreement by the other, that waiver is limited to that particular break.

9.7     If either of us ends this agreement, we will keep the rights we have against each other up until the date the agreement ends.

10    Resolving disputes

We will try to resolve any disputes with you.  However, if we cannot agree, either of us can refer the dispute to any recognised dispute resolution service.

11      Intellectual property & Confidential information

11.1    You may not use our intellectual property without first getting our permission in writing. The intellectual Property can include route numbers, delivery counts by route, mapped copies of our route structure, delivery processes, client names amongst others. You may not use for your own use. You may not pass to another party or a postal provider.

11.2    We will continue to own any intellectual property in any documents, materials or property we provide you with under this agreement.

11.3    You must not register or try to register in any country any intellectual property rights in our intellectual property or our property or any trademarks, designs, patents, domain names, trading names or business names that are similar to any of the ones we own.  You must not use or try to register product and service names, logos, trademarks, designs or domain names if they are in a form which is likely to cause confusion or affect the distinctive character of our intellectual property.

11.4    All rights, titles and interest in our names and logos belong to us or any member of our group of companies.

12   Our property

12.1    From time to time we may provide you with pouches, bags, trays, items of stationery (including bag labels, other labels, bag ties, manifests ), wheeled containers (known as Yorks), and other equipment (including final-label printing equipment).  We refer to each and all of these as property.  We will provide containers or other equipment under any terms and conditions we think are appropriate.

12.2    The property will continue to belong to us.  You or your agent must keep the property in a secure location, in good condition and use it only for the final preparation of the items, and transporting and handing them to us, for us to handle under this agreement.   You must not let anyone else use the property.

12.3    We may inspect our property at any time, whether on your premises or those of your agent.

12.4    We may give you written notice to return all or any of our property if:

12.4.1    you break clause 12.2;

12.4.2  we feel you have held the property for longer than is necessary for you to carry out your duties under this agreement. We may also ask you to return the property at any time and for any reason after giving you at least two weeks’ written notice.

12.5    You must return any property as soon as possible and in any case within seven days of receiving our written request or the agreement ending.  If you do not, you acknowledge that we will charge you for replacing it.

12.6    If for any reason you or your agent do not return  any items of property in line with clause 12.4, or any of the items you or your agent return are damaged (not including fair wear and tear), you must pay us the cost (including  VAT) of replacing those items with new ones.  If we give you an invoice for these costs you must pay that invoice within 14 days of receiving it.  You must return all items of damaged property to us.

13      Notices

13.1    Any notice we ask you to provide under this agreement must be given in writing in English.

13.2    We will send notices to you at the address to which you ask us to send invoices, unless you tell us otherwise.  You should send notices to us at the address shown on the invoice or any address we give you.

13.3    You must send notices either by first-class or registered post, by courier, or by fax.  You can also deliver them in person.

13.4    Unless clause 13.5 applies, we will class any notice to have been given:

13.4.1    if it was sent by fax, or courier or delivered by hand, when received at the place it was sent to (if the time you or we receive the notice is after 5pm on any working day, we will class the notice as having been received at 9am the following working day); or

13.4.2     if it was sent by post, two to four  working days after the date it was posted.

13.5    Notices sent by fax and for which the sender has received an automatic report that the fax was not successful are classed as having not been received.

14      Changes to this agreement

14.1    Nothing in the agreement will prevent us from having discussions at any time about whether to revise or add to it.

14.2    We may change the terms of this agreement or introduce new terms for our services.  If we reasonably believe the change benefits you, we will do it immediately and tell you about it within 30 days.  We will tell you at least 30 days before any other change.

15      Transferring this agreement

15.1    We may transfer our rights and duties under this agreement or arrange for any other person to carry out our rights and duties under this agreement.

15.2    Unless clause 16.2 applies, you must not transfer any of your rights or duties under this agreement.

15.3    You can use another person to carry out any of your duties as long as you tell us first.  You will be responsible to us for any action that person takes.

16      General

16.1    A person who is not involved in this agreement has no right under this

Agreement or any right to enforce any term of it.

16.2    If any court with the correct authority finds any term of the agreement to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect the other terms of this agreement.

16.3    All costs are in the currency of the Euro.

16.4    We publish a Postal tariff which is a pricing structure for standard tariff Postal services which are accessible to all business customers across the whole of the Republic of Ireland. These Postal services are exempt of vat as per the Value Added Tax Consolidation Act of 2010. Should you agree an individually negotiated rate for theses services they will be subject to vat at the standard rate.

16.5    This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

17      Complaints

We take any complaint very seriously, and we have procedures in place which will allow us to handle any complaint fairly and quickly. If you want to make a complaint, you can write to us at:

CityPOST Ltd
CityPOST House
523 Grants Place
Greenogue Business Park
Rathcoole, Co Dublin
D24 RY89

Or, you can email us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Appendix 1 Services & Target Delivery timescales

Lightweight Items: 5 Grams to 2 Kilos

  • National Standard Delivery

A Standard Delivery services for Letters for National Delivery anywhere in the Republic of Ireland

Target Delivery time is 94% in 2 days to 4 days

E.G. Items Picked up Friday at 4pm will deliver Monday to thursday

  • International Standard Delivery

A Standard Delivery services for Letters for International Delivery anywhere in the World is a Priority Service where CityPost pass your International items to the National Post Office of your destination for delivery.

Target Delivery time is 2 days to 5 days for Uk & Eu destinations (in line with An Post*) and all other destinations in line with An Post delivery timescales.

  • DMPost

A Deferred but low cost service for addressed Direct Mail campaigns

Target Delivery Time is same as An Post Postaim service (3 days presentation + 10 day delivery)

  • National Signed for / Registered

A signed for or registered type service for documents from 5 grams to 2 kilos. The Tracked item has a trackable barcode and the Proof signature is available on the web.

Target Delivery Time is 2 to 3 days

Parcels & Packages: any weight up to 30 Kilos

  • National Parcel Delivery

A Full Track & Trace Parcel services for any weight up to 30 kilos collected from either residential or commercial and delivered to residential and commercial anywhere in the Republic of Ireland. This is a insured service up to €10 per Kilo per consignment with additional insurance purchase options

Target Delivery time is 1 to 3 days

  • International Parcel Delivery

A Full Track & Trace Standard or Urgent Delivery services for any weight up to 30 kilos collected from either residential or commercial and delivered to residential and commercial anywhere in the World. This is a fully insured service up to €350 per consignment. International Parcels delivered through our Partners GLS, DPD, ParcelForce & Fedex

Appendix 2

the following items are prohibited from National & International Mail services:

Aerosols (of any kind including saline solution, cosmetics)
Aluminium Chloride
Batteries including lithium-ion batteries (individually or as part of an electric device)
Blasting Caps
Calcium Carbide
Carbon dioxide
Caustic Soda
Cleaning Fluids
Corrosive Fluids
Corrosive Paint Remover
Corrosive substances (including acids and batteries)
Debit/Credit Cards and Blank Cheques*
Drugs and Pharmaceutical products
Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide)
Explosive substances (including fireworks, gas cylinders, ammunition or crackers)
Fibreglass Compounds*
Firearms & replica firearms (including toys)
Fire Extinguishers
Fissile Material (Uranium 235 etc.)
Flammable substances ( including matches, lighters)
Hazardous or combustible material (as defined in the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA))
Human remains including ashes
Hydrochloric Acid
Illegal narcotics
Industrial Diamonds
Infectious substances (including medical samples, biological samples or serums)
Lighter Fuel
Liquids (of any kind including water, alcohol, gels, creams, aftershaves and perfumes)
Magnetised material
Mercury Salts
Metallic Magnesium
Mustard Gas
Negotiable instruments*
Nitrocellulose Film
Nitrogen Dioxide
Nitric Acid
Paint Remover
Paint Thinner
Pathogenic Material
Perishable items
Plants and plant products (seeds and tobacco)*
Radioactive Waste Material (Uranium or Thorium Ores etc.)
Rat Poison
Sodium Hydride
Sulphuric Acid
Toner & Ink cartridges (separately packed or in printers)
Works of art
Zinc Powder
or any item(s) the carriage of which is prohibited by law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment may be carried.

Restricted Products under Standard Postal Service

Coins or jewellry
Bank drafts , Vouchers or Negotiable Instruments of any description
Passports or Important ID
One off Original Documents

Should All be Sent via Parcel service with additional Insurance Taken out and contents recited.

Appendix 3 Defenitions

You may not be familiar with some of the words or phrases we use in this document. When they are used for the first time, they are shown in bold print and explained in the relevant part of this document or in the following section.

items                   Letters, large letters, Packets, Parcels, Publicity Mail or other items which we agree to handle and deliver under the terms of this agreement.

letter                   An item which is no larger than oversized C5 (240 millimetres by 165 millimetres), no thicker than 5 millimetres, and no heavier than 100 grams.

large letter           An item which is not a letter, and is no larger than 353 millimetres by 250 millimetres, no thicker than 25 millimetres, and no heavier than 1 kilos.

packet                 An item which is not a letter, large letter or A3 packet, and is no larger than 460 millimetres by 610 millimetres by 460 millimetres and no heavier than 4 kilograms. For tubular packages, the length plus twice the diameter must not go over

1040 millimetres or be more than 900 millimetres long.

International serv’s    An International Postal or Parcel Services handed over to our International Postal & Parcel partners.

Parcel                   An item of any shape and size which the client wishes to go by our defined Parcel service which is a track and trace service. Weight restriction is maximum 30 kilos. Maximum belt measurement is 3 metres. Belt measurement is calculated by 2 x height+ 2 x width + 1 x longest side. Individual maximum Dimensions are height – 60cms, length – 200cms & width – 80cms.

Publicity Mail        An item which is unaddressed and weights from 2 grams to 2 kilos and contains a Publicity message on behalf of a client who requires the items to be delivered through letterboxes

discount               The amount set out as a discount in each rate card or specific terms.

handover              The time at which we finish collecting your pouch or items for delivery.

handover point      That part of your, your agent’s, or our premises (or any other point as we may agree) where the items are handed over to us.

  • intellectual property          Patents, trademarks and service marks, rights in business and trade names and get-up, routes, delivery counts, route maps, delivery processes, copyright and neighbouring rights, topography rights, database rights, design rights, goodwill, trade secrets and confidentiality rights, rights in domain names, rights in know-how and all rights or forms of protection of a similar nature whether or not any of them are registered
  • valuables

  • Jewellery (including, diamonds and precious stones); watches (the cases of which are made totally or mainly of precious metal); any precious metal that has been made to add value to the raw material; and any similar articles with a value other than the value of the workmanship); and
  • Money (including, coins, bank notes, postal orders, cheques;unused postage and revenue stamps and National Insurance stamps; exchequer bills, bills of exchange, promissory notes and credit notes; bonds, coupons and other investment certificates; and coupons, vouchers, tokens, cards, stamps and other documents that can be exchanged for money, goods or services);
  • working day          In relation to each service, each day that we provide each service (as identified in the additional terms).